Defining Transformation Through Lordship.

Every moment of our life is an opportunity for the Gospel. Some call it everyday mission, some call it gospel intentionality, and some call it kingdom citizenship. Whatever you call it the point is our lives are not meant to be compartmentalized, but to be lived wholly, in which things simply bleed together in one great reflection of what/ who our identity is in.

“Jesus is Lord”

This is the single most identifying statement that someone can make, especially when their lives actually reflect the statement and they are not just words. The question we have to ask ourselves though is what does it mean for Jesus to be Lord. Sure there are a lot of cliche’s that you hear from various pastors on a sunday morning, or that you read in your favorite blog, but what does it mean?

First, I think it means that as hard as it may be we have to move out of old habits. See if Jesus is really Lord, then we are submitting to a new way of life, one that is actually life giving and not draining. This is what most people miss. Coming under the Lordship of Jesus Christ means that we are taking on a new identity. It means that who we once were is now redefined by who Jesus is, what Jesus did, who Jesus is now and what he does now in the world.

We must decrease that He will increase.

Second, we have to take a view of ourselves that actually reflects our new identity. This means that the things I say and the things I do actually have to magnify the greatness of Jesus Christ in our lives. We find this ever so clear in the life of the Apostle Paul. As you read through the narrative of Acts, in one instance you have a man hell bent on the irradiation of this new idea, Christianity. In the next instance he encounters Jesus as Lord, and as he did everything changes.

It didn’t matter how backwards it looked to people, Paul was going to no longer work for the destruction of the church, but rather that it would be built on a solid foundation. Paul would alter everything he knew to now make much of Jesus Christ, rather than purge the idea from the first century world. Paul would sacrifice what defined him, to be redefined by Jesus.

In many cases we think that redefinition might completely change who we are, but what I believe happens under the Lordship of Christ is that the best things about us become the tools of which Christ uses for his kingdom.

We dont really loose all of who we are, in fact in the case of the Apostle Paul the Lord used his zealousness to magnify Himself. Lordship is us finding the fullest sense of ourselves through Jesus. Lordship is what makes us whole, it is what fills an emptiness that everyone seems to have, and it is what gives meaning to what we are doing in every moment of life.

So when we say Jesus is Lord, what we are saying is we have found the very thing that completes us, that is restoring us to the way that we were suppose to be all along. That we are living our lives for something so much greater than our selves.


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