The Unknown

What is it about the unknown that is so terrifying? For some folks its the simplest unknown like change, for others it bigger stuff like what he next year has in store for them. These things can cripple people from doing anything in life. It causes people to live as calculated lives as possible, yet when that unknown thing raises its head all the securities of the calculated life flee us and fear takes over.
So to pose the question again: why are known things so terrifying? Could it be that when something is so outside of our control we loose the ability to function? Could it be we think of ourselves as people who really think everything is in our control? Or could it be that we just do not want to acknowledge that there is something bigger than us in control of everything?
Jesus had a few things to say about these things. In speaking to the folks who were following him, he said “do not worry about tomorrow, today has enough going on,” he also talks about the Fathers watch over us when he says to his followers “look at the fields and birds, see how they’re taken care of? don’t you think that your Father, who values you more will take care of you?”
For those of us who have come into Christ and know God as our Father, what do we have to be fearful of? Jesus tells us in many different ways that we have nothing to worry about. He tells us that our Father knows what we need, all we have to do is ask.
If this is true, do we just not believe what Jesus said? Do we question the goodness of our Father? Do we believe that the Gospel is simply not enough? The funny thing is, these doubts don’t just tamper with everyday life they tamper with our thoughts about the here after. I interact with people on a regular basis who are so afraid to die, and yet they are also in Christ.
This is a puzzling fear to me. It often makes me think of the song lyrics “everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.” When I think about what the Gospel does in the work of Christ eternally, it removes fear of death, because I know that Christ has triumphed over it.
I have had a handful of near death experiences over the last year. In both incidents there was an incredible peace that washed over me. I knew that everything was going to be okay one way or another. There was nothing to fear. I was secure in my faith in Christ, both to deliver me home and to sustain life here if I was still needed. Obviously the fact that I am writing this tells you that there is still some more work that I have to do here.
The Gospel is sufficient enough for everyday and for eternity. It is the perfect message able to see me through whatever situation I am in perfectly. It gives peace where there is anxiousness, courage where there is fear and joy in sorrow. It enables you to live each day for what it is not having to fear the unknown because each day is another adventure of living waiting to be trusted into.


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