Seasons change and the years fade, yet the Gospel stays the same. Over the last year I have believed more in the Gospel and its ability to rescue me now as much as it did when I first believed. Yet as much as I am believing in the Gospel I also find myself curious by it. While I have experienced the power of the Gospel I still ask how potent it is. I still find myself wondering “is it really good?” Because of what I have and am experiencing in the Gospel the answer is always a resounding YES! However what comes out of my wondering is discovery.
I imagine this process kind of like and explorer who has arrived on the shore of a new land. There is an inherent beauty of the new discovery because it is raw, something that is untapped, something that is fresh, something that is risky and adventurous. As the explorer you take in the coastline of this new place and are taken back by just how stunning the picture is. And while you might camp out on the shoreline for a night or two, the magnificence of the new place drives you to want to discover more and so you begin to move deeper into the new land.
The trees are dense and the path through this new land becomes cumbersome, yet the desire to see the fullness of the new land fuels the expedition deeper into the uncharted, unfamiliar territory. There is something about the exploration that not only shows you a whole new perspective of beauty but also exposes things about your core of being. Things that you didn’t know where a part of who you were, things you didn’t realize you were capable of.
The Gospel is very much like this new land. There is an initial magnificence about it that draws you in. A beauty unlike anything that you have ever experienced before. Yet just like the new land you are driven deeper into its depth. Knowing intuitively there has to be more, so you venture into the unknown to see how much more there is. And there is no disappointment. While the road is cumbersome and difficult to walk there is something about it that is rejuvenating at the same time. There is something about the Gospel, that compels us to adventure in to supernatural territory and yet also gives us the ability and drive to function in such an unknown and untapped capacity.
The Gospel by its very nature is good. It is the road to something greater than anything we can experience. It is compelling, convicting our hearts to do things we never thought possible. To love people with a love that we have never had the capacity to love before. More importantly the Gospel much like the new land is not merely a magnificent coast line, it is a whole wealth of discovery that lasts a lifetime. As we experience the Gospel of the Kingdom we can’t just stay at the beginning, we have to venture deeper into the mystery of the Gospel.
Just as the explorer pushes forward knowing there must be more to the new land, We move deeper into the Gospel and discover a deeper sense of reliance on the Father, Son and Spirit. The power of the Gospel comes from discovering we have no power on our own account, that Christ came to the dwell amongst us modeling for us right relationship with the Father. Christ gives us a power to live with hope, peace and love. Christ gives us the Gospel which becomes our sustenance for everyday life. As we lean on the sustainability of the Gospel our potential for discovery is endless.
As I have adventured out to discover more and more of the Gospel I have found a greater desire for life. I have found a new love for people and a greater capacity to love from. I am challenged to look beyond my own understanding of the world and to embrace mystery, and have found incredible beauty in mystery. Life has not become perfect, but an ability to experience life perfectly has become possible. This is the Gospel that Christ came down from heavenly places to dwell amongst us, to redeem all things back unto himself. Modeling for us and teaching us a new way to live, then sacrificing himself on our behalf through his death on the cross conquered death breaking its bondage for all those who would receive him as their liberating King.


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