Thoughts the Election and Christian Living.

Over the last year I have thought much about what Christians role is where they live. Here in the United States we have heard a lot over the past year about why we should cast our vote for the president one way or the other. There has been a lot of talk about this being liberal and that being conservative, and in the light of this some how lines end up being drawn in the sand between people.

As some one with faith in Jesus I identify as being a Christian, however I am concerned by they way I see many Christians representing Jesus as their king. I am concerned by what I read in various articles and hear on the radio about the ever so boisterous “evangelical agenda”. Not only am I concerned about these things, but I am also concerned that in the midst of political buzz we have incidentally placed our faith in something other than Jesus.

Some how Christians all over the United States have convinced themselves that their well being is going to be so deeply effected by who is leading the country that we live in. While we may not enjoy certain things the way that we once have, our well being is in the hands of someone much greater than any president or other ruler. In essence what we have given our faith to is a government. We have said that Christ is not sufficient to take care of us as long as this party or that party is leading the country. This is simply not true.

Further what seems to be unfolding in front of us is a blatant disregard for the words of Jesus regarding political authority. Not only that, but we also speak illy of those who do not agree with our political views. We do this in such a way that we communicate that Jesus would not accept them into the kingdom because their political views do not match up with ours.

Over the last few days as I have listened to and read different commentaries on the election, I am astonished at how disrespectful people are to one another. I wonder if we concern ourselves so much with all the peripheral stuff that detracts from loving God with all that we are and loving people the same way we love ourselves.

Don’t get me wrong what I am not saying is that it isn’t important to vote, being that we in the United States have the opportunity, what I am saying is that how we vote should not take away from our trust in Jesus and our sustenance coming from the Gospel. Assuming we remain in this democratic republic that we operate in, there will be another election and there will in a few years be a new president. These things change with regularity. Let us not get to caught up in the things that change so frequently and hold fast to Jesus, who is our rock and hope of glory.


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