Gospel Transformation :: A Commentary on Ephesians 4.25-5.2

In this section of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians he is instructing them to be sure and live in the transformation that the Gospel has in fact brought to their lives. In the first few verses of the text we see that there is an assumption any falsehood has been put away and truth is what guides our actions. (Let us not confuse truth for the opportunity not to love and walk with people through their struggles. Speaking truth is simply the exercise of illuminating a better way to live/ a way out.) Our ability to speak truth speaks to the power of the Gospel at work with in us, that we have removed any sort of blockade in our lives so that those who are sick find/ see a different way.

As Paul continues in his development of this idea he tells the church of their need to resolve conflict before it births root to opportunity for the evil of the world to take advantage of you. See as we let anger fester in our hearts it is not just those who initially angered us that are hurt anger that festers hurts those who simply enact a similar behavior to the one who initiated the frustration to begin with. So Paul instructs the church not to let even a day go by that you are angry with someone. Keep short accounts so that you can live in peace with people, and love them unashamedly.

The heart of the matter is to live in such a way that people no longer have the opportunity to focus on themselves, but focus on others and more importantly Jesus. When we do this we not only promote something that magnifies the Kingdom of God but also strengthens its presence in each of our contexts. It gives credence to the power of the Kingdom when we live according to its statutes. We are found to be as imitators of God, walking in love just as Christ our Lord walked in love. Our lives become marked with the extravagance of the Kingdom of God rather than the kingdom of self through the power of the Gospel as we continually return to Jesus.


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