The heart of being missional

I am convinced that to be Missional is to embrace the heart of Jesus. To live, not as a citizen of this time and place, rather a citizen of something bigger. The Kingdom of Heaven.
When we embrace the heart of Jesus it means that we love even when we know its going to hurt, we risk even when we know that things might not turn out okay, and instead of trying to take people out of their circumstances we place ourselves next to them in the midst of their circumstances. We charge into the darkness because we know that the power within us is greater than the darkness.
Being missional means that we forsake what we have for something greater. We lay everything down for the kingdom. And Jesus is our ultimate example. He left his throne and set aside some incredible things, inserted himself into our circumstances and spoke into them with light and life.
I cannot speak to the faith orientation of the upcoming documentary Blood Brother, but I can say that in this trailer the dude who leaves what he knows and risks much somehow connects with the heart of what it means to be missional.


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