Starring out into the ocean always makes me think of how big God really is. You can look out and for miles there is no end. I imagine this being a good picture of eternity. No seeming end just and expanse that goes on and on. In thinking about eternal things I am immediately inclined to ask the question what is important, what matters in light of eternity?
I think that the greatest impact that we can have on eternity is what we are doing with the Gospel now. The Gospel is the only thing that can sustain us into eternity. Most importantly it is what assures us of an eternity spent with the Father. But the Gospel is about far more that an eventual destination.
Jesus calls us to a life that is consumed with who he is and the natural out pouring of that is our kingdom centered action. The point of salvation isn’t found in a destination, but in our release from captivity of sin and death, into freedom and life. The Gospel tells us that in the Son there is freedom and Love and Life right now. That we can begin to experience eternal things right were we are.
The other side of this coin is that the Gospel also speaks against the idea that someone can just gain “fire insurance”. A life that has been freed from the chains of sin and death is a life that is called to action, a life that looks to join in the redemptive work of the Gospel so that others might be freed also. Ultimately the call of the Gospel is for us to be Holy as Jesus is Holy. That means we are acting as Jesus would act, love as Jesus would love and live as Jesus would live.


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