Review of On the Verge- Alan Hirsch and Dave Ferguson

Consider for a moment a sitting in a room knowing that there is a problem, but your are not sure how to fix it. The scenario is a church who is struggling because of a paradigm they have been living in which as been causing a gradual decline. People are locking into a way of thinking that does not allow them to use their imagination, in fact they have been thinking and acting this way for so long they don’t think there is any other way to be the church.

On the Verge is the book that can help alleviate the situation. There has not been a book that I have read that includes a theological depth along with a pragmatic prowess. Many books that exist in this genre often leaving you wanting more, whether that more is a better theological understanding, or a better how-to, “On the Verge” is the book that delivers both. Hirsch’s mind at work giving the foundational groundwork for why, and Ferguson’s experience playing out missional living is a one book shop. If you are only going to give one book to someone who is looking at transitioning, planting or thinking about the church this should be the book.

I have found a deeper appreciation for both men through this book and look forward to seeing the type of impact it can have on God’s people if they pick it up and begin to take it seriously.


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