Hearing the Voice of God

There are times in our lives that we look to hear the voice of God, and as we do we begin to set everything aside and listen (at least we should). But this should be a posture that we take through all of life. If we don’t look to hear the voice of God everyday we begin to find it harder and harder to know what His voice sounds like.

This is something that I have found myself struggling with. Recently I have been trying to understand what is happening around life. There have been some amazing things that have brought great joy, while there have been other things that bring great discouragement. As these things have come I have found that God’s voice has not been heard in the same way. In fact I have had to discern now more than ever the voice of the Lord over other voices.

This is a difficult process. This process has been a very discouraging one, as all the things that I have believed God to be doing seem to be shifting. This isn’t to say that God is doing different things; rather they are beginning to look much different than how they had before.

I wonder if this is what the Apostles must have felt like as Jesus was put on the Cross and their Rabi had been taken from them. There was this grand vision that they had in front of them, yet it all began to shift dramatically. Is this because they were fitting Jesus’ message into their context instead of their context into Jesus’ message. It seems that as we begin to dream great dreams and pray big prayers, we allow that to cloud what God is trying to do. In fact we begin to believe that what we are praying is the will of God when it might not be.

This is the point that I believe that I have come to. I absolutely believe that I will plant a church in San Jose, Ca. I absolutely believe that God will bring a people to help with that work. And I absolutely believe that God is my (and my families) ultimate provider. These things have been clouded by my dreams. I don’t think that I have misheard God, in fact I am confident of that, but I do think that I have misapplied what God is moving and equipping me to do.

When God speaks He is clear. When we look in the scriptures of Abraham being told to go, or the disciples being told to go. These things are very clear; however in some of those instances we see in scripture fear, ideals and dreams may have skued what God wanted them to do. It is not that they weren’t moving toward what God wanted them to do, but they had tried something that God may not have intended them to do, and outside of God’s agenda we being to lose success. Hence why God sends the people out of Jerusalem through persecution early in the book of Acts.

We have to be clear about who God is and we have to listen carefully all the time. As we do this we must not just go without constant contact with God, but we also must being willing to go. This is a fine line of walking by faith and listening.



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