The identity of Movement

starting a new semester, the last semester. I have been struck by the fact that what God is going to lead my wife and I to is coming closer and closer. Of course we recognize that what we are doing now is just as much a part of Gods leading as what we will do, but being at the point of planting a church in San Jose is approaching quickly. So I have been asking the question “what is the identity of a movement?”

This is something that I think church planters should look to. In my mind I dont know that we should look to anything else but to be movement makers, but what does that mean? what does it mean to be a movement maker? and what do people have to be willing to do in order to see a movement formed?

I think the answer is a willingness to let go. starting a church that you know ultimately you will have not authority over, because someone else will raise up to lead that particular body. which means what is the next step for the planter? I think it is to look toward expansion of the ministries impact. In my case the expansion of the network.

to see the movement take root, i think neil cole said it best when he states “we need to plant Jesus.” when we plant Jesus, in the hearts of people they can see their potential to be a part of the growth of the kingdom. to this i think it is a true statement and one that all Christians need to understand, that every christian is a disciple, and every disciple a discipler, and every discipler a pastor and every pastor a church planter and every church planter a movement maker. Alan Hirsch would talk about this in reference to mDNA. this is deeply imbedded in the life of every believer as they come into Christ.

There has to be the desire to be citizens of a kingdom that is greater than anything we experience in our life. a citizenship that means more than any citizenship that we carry here on earth. there is a weightiness to what our mission is in disciple making, and because it is we have an obligation to it. and with disciple making comes disciple gathering which is the church in its simplest definition.


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