His Nature our Nature

this week I was a part of an interesting conversation, one of which the concept of a Christians nature was brought up. as some of the participants in conversation began to bring up Christians having a “sinful” nature as reason to not do all of what Christ commanded, or to not completely pursue holiness. about this point my blood began to simmer, as the conversation continued i began to ask probing questions to figure out exactly what they were trying to say, i found that they along with so many others were looking to offer excuses for believers who are not doing as they ought.

this idea that we can not pursue holiness, or do what Christ has commanded us because we are “sinners” is bogus. over the last few months i have found that we have much more potential than what we give ourselves, we have more abilities than what we give ourselves, we have a greater power than what we recognize. 2 Peter 1.3-11 tells us that we have the divine nature, and with having the divine nature that is our ability make sure our election and calling sure.

there is no excuse, we have been called to be holy as our God and Father is holy. we need to pursue holiness with all that we are, Christlikeness should be our aim and goal. when we choose to sin, we are actively choosing against God. as we begin to realize this and embrace it there is a great deal of freedom that is to be had. we now come to our life in Christ as a whole person, viewing ourselves as a whole person because Christ has made us whole. we are no longer fractured, we are no longer bonded to sin, but we are bonded in Christ. this is the call to salvation, Christ reaches in to the prison that is sin and pulls us out bonding us to himself that we might live in freedom; the freedom to obey, the freedom to live and the freedom to love.

so what does this mean? we are to offer no excuse that Christ did not give us. we are called to live life wholly, not moving back to our old ways. we are need to renew our minds not being enslaved to that which we were enslaved to before Christ. when we choose against God we need to repent, not in a meaningless ritual looking only for a hand slap, but a repentance that recognizes a choice against God and the forgiveness that he offers in it and from it. from repentance comes freedom, when we repent we should then never return there. our aim should be to walk the narrow path, the path that is hard to walk. this is the call of Christ to be holy, choosing to live for Christ to be transformed by Christ to live whole in Christ.


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