The Volunteer Conundrum

This week i had an assignment for a class to read Bill Hybles “Volunteer Revolution” as i read the book i thought to myself these are some greets stories about some great servants of willow creek community church, but what does that mean for Kingdom living? Further what does that mean as we consider what service should look like in the church today?
One of the biggest revolutions in the church today embodies the return to hard and fast kingdom principles, which seem to have been lost by the western churches concept of the empire building. If we are to have a real “volunteer revolution” then there needs to be a returning to community, where we see a true reliance toward one another through Christ.
In short it will only be when people reconnect with the idea that we are a body that we will find things that need to be done in the church start to take place outside of a desire to do good deeds in the name of Jesus so that we can feel better about our lives, so that we can check one more thing off of our list of spiritual things to do that week.
To and for His glory.


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