Todays ever Growing Tension

This last week it has come back into regular conversations the tensions that Christians face when interacting with two natures: The Divine nature given to us when we come into faith in Christ and the sin nature that we leave behind at that same moment. So if we only have one nature then where does the tension lie? we fall in love with our chains, because they are all that we have known since we came into the existence.

Liken it to a time when slave trade was at the height of major civilizations, shortly after the abolition of slavery both in the UK and United States those who were slaves found it hard to leave the only thing that they had known. While they were made free by something higher than themselves they chose to continue on in their bondage enslaved because they didnt know what was out there. The simply knew nothing else.

So how does all that slave talk relate to us? We can understand this same struggle as we have been freed by Christ a power and person much higher than ourselves or anythings else, given the divine nature, power and authority that Christ has, only to turn our back to it and tell ourselves and others that we are “sinners” or that I struggle with the “sin nature.” These things are simply not true we are lying to ourselves when we say this for two simple reasons: 1) we are no longer sinners when we come into Christ. We might still sin, in fact we do but the choice is ours, we are not naturally given over to sin any more we choose it. It is our active choice against God not something that we do because we have such a nature. 2) we have been given the divine nature, in effect Jesus has switched out our natures the bad for the good, the corrupt for the pure. Having the divine nature empower us to be and do much more than we think we can do, further we have the same authority over sin that Christ does as we come into him and can flee those temptations that plague us.

So what does that mean for us right now? how should this affect the way that we live? how do we carry on in our vernacular? I think it starts with an active reminder that I dont have to do this, I am not bound by anything on earth, I am only bound to Christ to which leads to freedom. We should let it empower us so that as we walk through each day we know that not only do we have a choice to sin against God, but that in not sinning we shine a greater witness and can attract people toward the kingdom because it is such a freeing life. we change our vernacular, stop saying the things that propagate our self imposed bondage to things Christ has freed us from. we have been made Free by Jesus and so we should live actively in that freedom introducing all around us to in in word and deed so that they too might enter into a life of freedom, a life into the Kingdom.


One thought on “Todays ever Growing Tension

  1. Hey man i really liked this post…this is something that keeps coming up with myself and friends as we journey on in life. I think it is soo important to remember, lke you said, that we are not bound to sin…we choose. In that alone there is so much freedom.

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