A thought about the future

So normally this blog exists to examine the thoughts and dialogue’s that surround the person of Jesus, and his church. Today however is a different day, today is a day of reflection and wrestling with what God has moved in me over the last couple weeks.

I have found it very easy not to post over the last months, due to a huge lack of discipline. There was a time that I found class a great place to interact with the thoughts of the professors that were being thrown out for students to soak up, that then became very boring… because they are not saying anything different. Every couple of months I would move through the cycle of rants, rants of frustration and irritability.

At a conference two weeks ago I was struck by something that shook the core of who I am. Francis Chan walked up to the podium to speak, as he did I awaited his words like a giddy school girl waiting for a jonas brother’s concert, when to much delight his words would rip me to shreds.

All I have been able to process over the last two weeks has been this thought provoked by Chan: “I just want to do what you told me to do (speaking to God in a prayer), none of this other stuff matters, how large the church is I pastor, how many books I write because thats not what you told me to do. all you want me to do is be a disciple and disciple…”

This has still become something hard for me to digest, something that I thought I understood, but realized how much reprograming still has to happen in me. I have to reflect on the Words of Jesus often and let them take root in my heart not just my head.

so at the end of the day (and this post) 3 things become the most important pursuit in my life. To love God with all my being, love others as I love myself, and to make disciples. nothing else matters because these are the things that you told me to do, this is the way to hear “well done”.


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