It has occurred to me that there are those who stand in the face of what has become “traditional evangelicalism” and say something is not right here… upon this statement the leaders of the “traditional evangelicalism” rise up in attempt to shut down the questioners, claiming them to be heretics or liberal. have those who lead “traditional evangelicalism” forgotten so easily the roots of evangelicalism, roots that sought to see God’s kingdom established here on earth wherever believers would congregate, roots that would stand in the face of opposition to acting out side the confines of a “box.”

The problem here in is this, there are those who get so intrenched in the way that they do something that there becomes no other way to do it. There is an “evangelical box” that everything has to fit in and if it does not then it is not evangelical, it is liberal. those of us who stand in the face of the “evangelical box” have to stand up and not be afraid of how the leaders of “traditional evangelicalism” view us, because the heart of evangelicalism is to see God’s kingdom established wherever Christ followers maybe.

The call for Christ followers to rise up and stand for change, biblically grounded change to happen. reevaluate how we practice church, worship, relationships. we need to look to see how we can radically move out of the confines of the “box” and go until God says stop. this is not to say we through caution to the wind, but it is to say that we allow the bible to define how we do things rather than the tradition of the “evangelical box.”

at the end of the day we have to be committed to reshaping evangelicalism so that the Kingdom of God is established to the ends of the earth. that believers are not confined by the “box” rather defined by scripture.


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