The Hierarchy

There is a sense today that in a church context the person who holds the title of “pastor” is someone who sits high and lofty heads and tails above everyone else who fellowships with person. we find that we are people who look to place responsibility on someone so that we dont have to hold any, we pass any spiritual responsibility to the “pastor” because he was educated in such things. however this is not the biblical standard. in fact the biblical standard does not recognize the distinction between clergy and laity. the biblical standard calls all to the ministry of reconciliation, all to serve one another and all to make disciples. none of these is the job of one single person, but collectively as a community of faith we are all responsible.

the division of those responsibilities that we place on one person (the pastor) is a crime to whomever has been deemed the “pastor”. God has gifted each fellowship of believers with various talents and giftings as to be able to accomplish the roles of hospitality, teaching, leading, etc… to not exercise the gifts that people have been given is to say “they simply are not good enough God,” we really just want to sit back and have a couple of guys do it for us.

Jesus makes the point that there is no one greater in the kingdom than he, that His followers were to be equals and exercise their giftings accordingly. in fact Jesus make the point to say that to ask the question is not the right question to ask. in a discourse with the disciples about who the greatest was Jesus says “the kings of the gentiles exercise lordship over them, and those in authority over them are called benefactors. but not so with you. rather let the greatest among you become like the youngest, and the leader as one who serves.” pastors today at least in the west lord over their congregations, they demand that their “flock” bring them items of homage. yet all of the blame cannot go to them, while “pastors” should be responsible enough to reject such an attitude christians should not have appointed such an office for them to live under.

we are all equal in the Kingdom which means we all have the responsibility to care for one another, it is not something to be placed on one person, although there will be some who have been given gifts to vision cast and lead and we should follow that as it is consistent with the biblical standard, but the overarching theme we see is the equality of all believers in the Kingdom, the priesthood of all believers that we are responsible for one another.


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