Rest… or No Agenda

Each day is filled with insurmountable activities that cause us to think there is not enough time in the day to finish/ get to them all. we find it hard to be a good employee, student, husband, wife, parent, friend because we become so overwhelmed by the day to day hustle and bustle. soon after a day is over those and some activities are left undone they carry over to the next day, and the next day and the next day and leads to a full week filled with insurmountable activities. at this point we tell ourselves “self i need a break” we tell our friends how tired we are, we find our selves on the verge of collapse and breakdown. our mind weakens, our bodies wear out, and we cant keep up with the pace of everything flying by us.

so the question becomes how do we overcome, how do we put more minutes in a day, hours in a week? we rest. take one day and clear the calendar as to have no agenda but to recharge. being a person of Faith in Jesus Christ this is an activity called sabbath. but what is it? how can sabbath be of benefit if it doesnt help to clear the list of insurmountable activities through out the week? first we see that God modeled the idea of sabbath from the beginning of creation, resting on the 7th day of creation. He then placed it as a commandment of those who are His to remember the sabbath and keep it holy. further Jesus commented that the sabbath was for man. the emphasis is that we need a day to rest, have nothing to do but recharge and connect with our Father.

so what is the point of sabbath? what are we suppose to do during sabbath? how is sabbath defined? sabbath is rest, a rest that is meant to bring balance back to life a time when people can come back to a sense of peace. the Christian life is about balance, it is a life of temperance… this means that we need to take time to refocus out lives regularly and this is the point of sabbath. sabbath is to take time and refocus our life, to remove ourselves from the insurmountable activities due in our week. it is meant to bring balance and freedom. so the question remains “what do we do during sabbath?”

it has been taught during a point in history that we are to do nothing, that sabbath is to be at home and not work whatsoever. in the church period we have been told that we are suppose to go to church on the sabbath, and fill our day with those types of activities. however Jesus makes the point to show that sabbath is about reconnecting with the Father. sabbath is for man. sabbath is about clearing our agenda of anything “have to do” and open it up to God and ask what he wants us to do. Jesus turns the tables on the whole view of what sabbath is, in Mark 2 He and the Disciples plucked some heads of grain on the field to eat, and healed a man. this deeply upset the religious authorities of the day. yet Jesus makes the point that sabbath is about being about reconnecting with Gods heart as to realign our hearts.

so the end is this, take one day (whatever day that may be) clear the calendar and give your agenda to the Father and see what the two of you will do that day. reconnect your heart to who God is, rest in who God is and his awesomeness. doing this will make the seemingly insurmountable activities manageable without loosing touch with reality.


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