hidden naivety

In todays western context we seem to be a people who hide behind those things that we have been taught to us. things that have been passed down from father to son, mother to daughter for hundreds of years. why might this be important? why ask why now? because its important to ask, because it helps us to no longer be hidden by naivety.

We dont need to be a people who hide behind what we grew up in as a condition for who we are now. we often tell ourselves i am who i am because of where i have come from, but this is hidden naivety. we see throughout the narrative of biblical scripture that God calls us out of our naivety into his glory, into our true identity. it is in these things that we see how God can use us the most, or it is in our refusal to change that we see God will shape us in incredible ways.

for those of us who strive to live outside naivety we can resonate with Daniel in his prayer for his people to make His face shine upon a desolate sanctuary (dan 9.17). this is to ask God to no longer allow the purposeful naivety to continue on in the sacred places of his people. in its context Daniel is referencing Israel the people of God who have continued to refuse obedience and chose to reference their fathers sins allowing themselves to emerge into a deeper pattern of disobedient lifestyles. Likewise in the church today we do the same thing, even those who get a glimpse of something that is truer/ healthier/ more holistic we choose not to act, we choose to continue to live as someone who is in bondage to the conditions of things past. Daniel continues on to say, hear our ridiculousness see it (dan 9.18a), that is to say “hey God here we are sinning dont let us anymore.” but there is something interesting that follows, Daniel asks for the forgiveness on behalf of Israel (dan 9.18b), but then goes onto say dont delay act for your name and your renown (dan 9.19).

my question is why dont we act this way, why when we read such things and see the same desolation to sacred places we dont cry out to God for action. why dont we stand up on behalf of Christians in the west and ask God, just as Daniel did open your ears, and eyes to see the desolation of your bride the church. we have formerly lived in ignorance, but we cannot afford to any more in fact Peter calls us away from that, that we should be as obedient children continually shaped by our father to not live in any former ignorance but to live holy (that is set apart).

so in the end what is important? first is that those who are seeing things that are not right with the sacred things need to stand up and be heard, ask God to see, hear and act. second, we have to choose to act differently just because a set of circumstances has shaped who we are doesnt mean that they have to continue to shape us we can be different, we can choose to be free in Christ to walk in truth, love, peace and righteousness. finally learn to study and do it as not to be deceived by those in of the church who have become to lazy to help you along.

God has made somethings sacred and those things that he has made sacred should remain sacred not to be buried by traditions and previous circumstance, but to emerge as a phoenix from the ashes. to emerge from the ashes means to see all the unsacred things burned off and His people move to what is embedded into who they are as a believer in Christ, organic and spontaneous and beautiful.


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