Man :: What does it mean to be in the Image of God?

thinking about what it is to be man (in the generic sense) it has become clear to me that we have placed ourselves on a pedestal which we are higher than any other created thing. If we understand what the bible says to be true then this is true because we are the only thing created in His image, but what does it mean to be created in God’s image? does that mean that we look like God in physical appearance?

it would seem that looking at the creation narrative man is in God’s image in the sense that we have the capacity to love, not in the same sense that God can love however we can love. we also have the ability toward compassion, wrath, anger and sadness. these are all emotions and actions that we see displayed by God throughout the biblical narrative.

so how does this answer the question? we are in His image in our emotional and spiritual capacities. There is not a hard line of passages that we can point to in this but there are greater concepts through out all of the narrative that show who God is and how that which is a part of him is very much a part of us.

being created in God’s image is about showing the capacity to interact with people as God interacts with people. flushing this out it means that we are to show compassion, love, righteous wrath in ways that people can see God’s image in man… specifically those who profess faith in Jesus Christ.


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