The Change Curve

Over the last 8 months, our God has brought me through this incredible change curve… there have been up’s and down’s, shaky and stable moments, but in with the help of community and dedication to follow the our God through it I have learned a few things which are crucial to the Christian Life.
First, live in the moment. God has placed you there for a reason, there is something that you are suppose to grasp from where you when you are there… this is not to say every sec. of every day is an object lesson from the Lord, but we have to learn to live and know what God has for us now and live in it and let it be whatever it is going to be.
Second, no matter how faint it may get or how distant it may seem, community never dies. Real Christ centered community of brothers and sisters who have gone forward in the journey with a commitment to love one another, no matter the circumstances, is the most powerful and longest lasting thing that I have ever seen in my life time. I guess thats why Scripture places such a high priority on relationships and the picture of community ultimately being a picture of Christ’s marriage to the church.
Lastly, whether we “feel” him or not God is always present. In the moment which we think that we have no contact with the father we only need to reach out to him and be willing to accept him as He accepts us, in full love and kindness. Thats not to say that the Lord with not reprove us or that he will not show us our error, but it will be in perfect love. we have to adjust our compass to that center. We have to reorient ourself to that truth.
These last months have shown me to live in love, the moment and in a bittersweet anticipation of what God is going to do next. He has shown me how deep community really is, and how very much apart of it I have to be to survive. There are certain ways in which we grow and stretch and find ourselves in a deeper relationship with Christ and through community is one of those ways.
So live in love, live in the moment, live life bent on the now and those things that God has placed in your path, whether miserable or lovely.


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