A New Testament Thought

today sitting in class I cant help but be driven to blog about the types of craziness that is spouted off by the prof.
Realizing that in many ways I rarely align with the majority of profs at Southwestern Baptist Seminary in many issues of interpretation, I still find myself thinking how they are so grounded in one way of view something… a view that is generally regurgitated from a similar class they sat in 10+ yrs ago.

The first of these is the idea that Israel is persecuted because of satan. What does that even mean? are we to believe that because they are “Gods chosen” that there is a special dispensation of torment that they will forever face? or that because they are “Gods chosen” the rest of the world has an eternal bent against them?

how about the pride that Israelites have displayed for a few thousand yrs? I know that when I encounter people who spout off about a certain issue which they seem to think that they were born to enlighten the world with, i cant stand them… in fact I begin to thoroughly dislike them. How different is the rest of the world? I think that we can say that because of their boastful claims of being “Gods Chosen People” they have warranted such a response. So rather than having a universal torment to be given by satan, it is an issue of systemic evil which consumes the world, thus there is an extension to the church.

Since the Church has come onto the scene there has been an equal amount of hatred, not because of a “chosenness” but because of a sense of truth  that is proclaimed. This is not to say that Israel at some point in its extension of being the purveyor of the Kingdom they did not proclaim truth, they clearly did.

so at the end of the issue, why do we raise Israel to so high a place… are they greater than the world? no. are they the greatest of the world? I dont think so.  are they standing in opposition to the kingdom of the air? nope not really. they just go pissing everyone off claiming something that just isnt true, unless they are in Christ.


One thought on “A New Testament Thought

  1. I am intrigued by your thoughts and reflect on the passage I was reading today in 1Cor where Paul reminds them that God likes to choose the foolish things in the sight of the world so that they cannot boast. What implications do you think this passage has on Israel?

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